Wait Until You Hear How This Guy Was Hilariously And Creatively Shot Down.

Ah, love is a many-splendored thing, or so we are told.    Reminds me of that song lyric… “Love is in the air… everywhere I look around…. Love is in the air…. every sight and every sound.”  With that beautiful, joyous tambourine ringing in the background.  Just makes you want to fall in love!

Song continues with “And I don’t know if I’m being foolish…”

Well, it’s not clear if 19-year-old Nicholas Pallone was foolish or not.  But he was definitely feeling the love in the air.  That was up until he got shot down.  Pallone attends Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia and he was just brutally rejected over direct messaging (DM).


Pallone usually tries to connect with women by using cheesy pickup lines over DM.

“When I’m bored every now, and then I’ll slide in a DM and use a corny pick-up line,” he told BuzzFeed News.

“Usually the girl will literally say ‘wtf’ and block me, which can be demoralizing. But sometimes they’ll laugh, and I guess that would count as some luck.”

Pallone will often tweet someone over DM if he finds someone’s profile picture attractive.


In this instance, he sent a message he heard somewhere, likely from a television show.

“OK, so my friend SWEARS there are 23 letters in the alphabet, but I’m almost [sic] there are only 21. So how many are there???” he asks the user.

The woman played along with the joke asking, “Are you for real? There’s 26” letters in the alphabet, she wrote back.

That was Pallone opening for his dorky come back line.  He wrote, “Hm. I must have forgotten U R A Q T,” he then replied.   If you didn’t catch that, it was “you are a cutie.”


Well, you gotta hand it to the boy.  He certainly took a shot at love.

The funny part wasn’t that she rejected him, but how she did.   She used his own approach to send a ‘C-Ya.’


Pallone announced his retirement from direct-messaging giving him time to “regain my confidence,” he said.

People thought the rejection was hilarious.

Others felt the pain of a broken heart.

While others agreed with Pallone’s retirement from DM.

But as the song ‘Love Is In The Air’ goes, “And I don’t know if I’m just dreaming… don’t know if I’m sane…. but it’s something I must believe in… .” So we say to the boy looking for love to keep dreaming and never give up on his love search but maybe change his approach a little.



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