Swimmers Go To Edge Of 338-foot Waterfall; You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

This is amazing and a bit scary.

People are diving in and swimming (being pulled) to the edge of the Devil’s Pool Waterfall.  The dramatic 338-foot drop is located in Victoria Falls, Zambia and people can’t seem to get enough of it.


On Facebook,  it has been viewed 17 million times, this thrilling attraction is captivating daredevils all over the world.

So what about the pool that is capturing people’s imagination?  It’s death-defying!

“The pool is at the edge of a 338-foot waterfall.” Promotional Video.


“A naturally-formed rock wall protects swimmers from falling.” Video.

Another catch is that the pool levels have to be at their lowest for it to be safe.  Mess it up by a few inches and you could be headed over the edge plummeting down.  All 338-foot down.



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