Mass. Trooper Was Told To Doctor Up A Report For A Judge’s Daughter – He Said No And Is Now Suing

What a trooper!

So, if she weren’t the daughter of a judge, she would also have been charged with trying to solicit sex from a police officer and trying to bribe a police officer?

Seems we have a great justice system! And what a great Dad! No wonder his 17-year-old daughter was driving around drunk, under the influence of drugs she admitted she traded sex to obtain!

Once again, political privilege raises its ugly head!

I’m glad this police officer is suing, and I hope he wins. I also hope that judge is removed from the bench and his law license removed. Maybe he’ll have some free time to spend raising his daughter before it’s too late.

And while they’re at it, every officer who “forced” that trooper to remove one single word of his report needs to be fired! They are officers of the court. Sworn to uphold the law, not bend it if you’re the daughter of the local judge! What lesson is she going to learn from that?

She’s going to learn she can do whatever she wants because she’s a judge’s daughter. She’s under 18, so even if convicted of the crimes, the records will be juvenile records, therefore not follow her into adulthood, making her free to do it again. And I’m sure with Daddy’s connections, she goes to an Ivy League college and continues right down the path she’s been on because no one is going to stop her!

And not one of those men is doing her any favors! To have gotten to this point, she has had to be on this path for quite some time. The trooper was right to put all of that in the report. He was the only one I see who as actually trying to help her!

And speaking of the trooper, I hope he sticks to his story and does not change one single thing. Not only was he doing exactly what he was sworn to, but he is also the only officer who did the right thing! And I for one, am proud of him. I hope he continues in some way to try to save lives and to always do the right thing no matter who he has to stand against!


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