He Was Only An Infant When His Dad Became A Fallen Soldier… Now He Gets To Share Something His Dad Loved

For a young man who had to grow up without his father, a small piece of a father’s love made for a great birthday gift.

Justin Kozier’s father was killed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad, leaving a young single Mom behind. Justin was only an infant, so had no memories of his Dad.

But his Dad had a hot car at the time of his death, and although it was a tough decision, his Mom had to sell the car to help take care of her infant son. Losing yet another part of her husband.


Fast forward 15 years. Justin is about to turn 15 years old, soon able to get his driver’s permit and then license. As Jessica, his Mom began to look for a car for him, a thought crossed her mind. She knew it was probably a long shot in the dark, but it was worth a try to give her son something her Dad had loved.

So began her quest to find the very same 1999 Toyota Celica convertible her husband had owned. She found the old registration papers. Excited, but knowing it was unlikely to happen, she posted a photo of it on facebook with the registration. After all, a mother’s love has no boundaries and never gives up!

A few days later, she heard from a woman who said her Dad owned it, but she doubted he would sell it, but gave Jessica his phone number. She must have been a nervous wreck as she dialed that number. With hope and fear in her heart, she told the man her story and what it would mean for Justin to have his Dad’s car.  Also, it would mean a lot to her to be able to give him something his Dad had sat in, driven, cleaned and taken care of because he loved it so much. The gentleman said he’d think about it.

Then the first half of the miracle happened…….he said he’d sell it. Now Jessica had to figure out how to pay for it! Word spread, all without Justin’s knowledge, an organization which helps soldier’s families made the second half of the miracle come true.


Justin’s birthday arrives, and so does his Dad’s car. A dream come true for Mom and son. Justin didn’t get to have his Dad around to teach him how to drive, but I’m sure Justin will most certainly think of his Dad every time he climbs into the car. And some might say, well it would have been nice if it had been there all along, but I don’t think so. I think it was precisely the right time for Dad’s car to become son’s car.


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