Do You Trust Uber To Fly You Around Like ‘The Jetsons?’

Uber Claims

Faster, safer, more affordable? Really? Call me old-fashioned, but I’m not sure I want to be zipping around in the air around Los Angles, or anyplace else, at speeds of 200 miles an hour, and as many as 200 more uber air buses doing the same!

They’re the flying taxis.


Of course, I remember watching the Jetsons as a child. But honestly, did you see that much air traffic when they were zipping around?

And exactly why do our lives need to be so busy that we need to get someplace in 20 minutes rather than an hour? Does this generation really have so much more to do than any other? Aren’t we going fast enough as it is?

We spend so much time zipping around here and there from the moment we wake up till the time we hit the bed again.

What has happened to family values? Well, I guess all we have to do to find the answer to that question is read the news.

Parents are too busy zipping around, making deals, adding more money to already outrageous bank accounts, and family time is zipping in for takeout dinner while zipping around to various sports practices.

I have nothing against that. My kids played sports. But it seems to have overtaken family life entirely now.

There are no holidays too sacred, save maybe Christmas or Thanksgiving, that is more important to zipping to a ball game or dance recital of some kind.

So I guess if this is the lifestyle you wish you live, then Uber planes are the thing of the future. You won’t have to spend an hour in the car with your child, discussing what’s going on in their lives, if they’re happy, sad, you know, family time.

No, you can do it all in just 20 minutes. That should be enough for any kid, right?

I think you’re going to find out that answer is wrong.


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