Captain America’s Chris Evans Shares The Most ‘Cutest’ Video Of His Dog Singing To Him.

Dogs are great!  Some may say canines are better than humans.  They are so loyal and do some of the funniest things.  Sometimes, they act a bit like a human, and that can be hilarious.

Chris Evans (aka Captain America) is very close to his dog Dodger.  It’s no secret because Chris shares so many images of the two on social media, like a lot.


But his post of Dodger singing to him is the best yet.  It may go down for the cutest ‘dog’ ever contest.

Chris writes “This is Dodger’s stuffed lion. He loves it. He brings it everywhere. If you press its paw, it sings. Today, Dodger decided to join in.”

And the dog gave it all he had as Chris, and another person laughed during the video.

The singing is a little off key, but Dodger definitely gets an ‘A’ for effort and wins the lovable dog of the week for sure.

Singing isn’t the only talent the canine has.  Dodger has an infinity to chasing squirrels.

“Excuse me, are u busy?” Evans wrote, “Could I interest u in chasing squirrels with me outside? Or perhaps u could toss the frisbee? I have no plans today.”

This video is very heartwarming, especially considering that it was mere months ago that people thought Dodger was no longer with us. Evans tweeted about how much he missed his pup, only to have to fill worried fans in.

“To be clear, he’s alive and well, just thousands of miles away for the next couple months,” Evans reassured his Twitter followers back in July.

Several of Dodger’s fans were in a state of panic over Chris possibly losing his dog.

The Captain America actor whom People reports that he adopted Dodger while working on the film Gifted opposite one-time girlfriend Jenny Slate.





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