The Media And Tweeters Were Outraged At How President Trump Fed Fish In Japan.

The image is of President Donald Trump ‘dumping’ an entire box of fish food into the Koi pond.  That photo caused many in Main Stream Media and Twitter to go insane.

“Feeding a frenzy: Trump sparks social media outrage after dumping box of fish food into pond of Japanese koi carp” wrote the AFP.

The Metro wrote, “Trump told to feed koi fish by spoonful, gets impatient and tips entire box in.”

“President Trump empties his fish food container while feeding koi with Prime Minister Abe at Akasaka Palace (quite a photo by ),” wrote an NBC correspondent.

“While his host, prime minister Shinzo Abe, sprinkles small spoonfuls, Trump dumps entire box of fish food into precious Japanese koi pond,” commented Ryan Adams.

“Hubby is telling me that Trump, while with Shinto, dumped an entire box of fish food into the Koi pond! What an embarrassing fucking moron,” wrote Lois McDade, similar tweets raged across social media.

But was all the outrage misplaced?  Was it more fake news?

Ian Miles Cheong caught on saying, “Nicely edited video, CNN. Zoom in real close so nobody can see Shinzo Abe emptying his container first.”

He also tweeted, “Japanese PM Shinzo Abe emptied his entire container ahead of Trump, but the MSM is reporting that Trump embarrassingly broke protocol.”

finally stating the obvious, “This is fake news, you morons.”

Here’s the video so you can see what actually happened.




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