Some Call This Tropical Paradise A Godsend

It’s about time for a resort for curvy people!

The secret retreat founded two years ago by entrepreneur James King encourages fuller-figured tourists to let it all hang out while on vacation. They can loll on chaise lounges built to hold 560 pounds; sleep — or enjoy worry-free sex — on king-size, steel-reinforced beds; and stroll the private beach without what King calls “fear of judgment.”
“Being able to feel ‘normal,’ even for a little while, was beyond a gift,” says Shawn-Marie Riley from Texas, on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera. Riley says she loved it so much, she plans to return next year.
“Can you imagine how it feels to walk down a beach and hear people refer to you as a beached whale?” continues Riley, who lives in Arlington, Texas. “I wore a bikini and never felt uncomfortable, and I was noticed for my beauty, not my size. Living as a plus-size person in a judgmental world is stressful.”

Speaking as a former skinny person who is now a bit curvier, I finally “get it.” For the first 50 years of my life, I admit, I never understood why overweight people couldn’t just lose the weight! I did feel sorry for them, but in no way could I relate. Even after giving birth to four children, I was still thin.

Well, I’m female, as you might have guessed, so after a hysterectomy, or with most women, natural menopause, our entire body changes. Some are fortunate and don’t gain weight. I hate them. But I had a pretty long run of being thin, so I guess it’s all about acceptance now.

I exercise, eat healthily, but the curves are here to stay. And that’s OK. But for thousands, probably millions, not being curvy is not an option. And yet they love the beach as much as anyone else.

This new resort is a Godsend for such people. No more embarrassment. No worries. Just relaxation and fun like everyone else in the world! I sincerely hope this resort is only the beginning and more will be built in other destination vacation areas.


Curvy people have the right to enjoy life and nature just as much as anyone else does. Some of the stories of accidents and mishaps are so sad, it breaks my heart, but it is lovely to see the happy faces and smiles of these beautiful people having fun!  I hope these new resorts are affordable and continue to grow!

Here’s the resort’s Facebook page in case you wanted to find out more.


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