These Cake Messages Will Shock And Amuse You.

Sometimes a simple thank you message is really appreciated.

Hopefully, this wasn’t some sort of wedding cake.

Wow, what a way to break-up with someone.

There’s nothing like telling someone how it is.  I would be worried eating the cake if I were the recipient.

The is about leaving your job most memorable.

Sometimes a simple message has the most impact.  Other times it sends an “I don’t care” message.

Cakes are also a great way to apologize to someone.

“I’m sorry I thought you were a woman.”

“Sorry for peeing on you.”

“Sorry I projectile vomited all over your apartment….”

“Sorry to make you walk around looking for me, what with your bad knees and all.”

Giving someone an STD is definitely a reason to apologize.

“Happy Birthday Dana, Sorry I gave you crabs.”

“Sorry, you got Gonorrhea!”

“Sorry about the Herpes!”

This definitely leaves a lot to the imagination.

Avoiding jail time is always a reason to celebrate with a cake.  Hopefully, no files in the cake needed.


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