Will CNN Bring A Broadcaster Who Uses Cocaine Into Your Living Rooms Soon?

Well, the answer will depend on who you listen too.  According to the ‘new’ co-host with Anderson Cooper for the CNN’s New Year’s Eve celebration, it’s a no.

But of course, Andy Cohen told TMZ repeatedly he never met Kathy Griffin or knows who she is.

That’s kind of a bitchy response considering here’s a picture of the two snuggling together.


And here’s another one.


And yet another one.


So we’ve now established that Andy Cohen and Kathy Griffin have met at the very least three times.  Of course, there are more photos of the two embracing, but I’m slightly bored of proving Cohen is a bit of a drama queen and a liar.

Recently, Kathy did a scorched-earth type of video on YouTube claiming several things, but one big point was that Cohen had offered the comedian cocaine on two different occasions.  This was right before the pair went on air.  So it would seem that Cohen might be accustomed to doing a line or two of coke before going on air since he is on the air quite a bit.

Of course, Cohen denied the accusation of illegal scandalous drug use.

Some commentators do not believe Cohen’s denial of cocaine use.

And of course, there’s the point that Cohen lied like a bitch saying he didn’t know who Kathy was.  Here’s another picture of the two embracing.


So if you believe Kathy that her replacement on CNN uses coke, then why would CNN plan to bring him into your homes this New Year’s Eve?

So if Cohen often joked and asked about doing cocaine as this responder stated, why then would CNN partner Anderson Cooper with him?  The image of Cooper is of a spot clean newscaster, surely the pairing of the two would tarnish his reputation.


Could this be seen as guilt by association? 





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