How Are They Calling This Pumpkin Pie? Giving This Jello Like ‘Thing’ A Title Of Pumpkin Pie Is Unholy.

Oh look, it’s on a fancy plate, and it’s unusual.  Many people love pumpkin pie this time of year so let’s stir up some crap by calling something different as pumpkin pie.  I’m sure there’s a lot of trendy folks who will love this kind of propaganda to make it a success.  At the very least will get a ton of social media attention.

That’s what the makers of this clear (Jello Inspired) pumpkin pie were probably telling themselves and patting each other’s backs.  They probably decided to overprice this Jello rip-off to make it even more exclusive, and people are going to fall for it.

First of all, a pumpkin is orange, and the insides are orange too.  It isn’t clear and Jello-like.


Hence, when you make a pumpkin pie, you expect the same color and texture as the actual ingredient.

The ‘clear’ pumpkin pie served at a three-star Michelin restaurant in Chicago is apparently not reflective of the original squash.  So does that make it special or unique or just a crazy concoction to garner attention?

Simon Davis, chef de cuisine at the restaurant Alinea in Chicago, posted a preview of the pumpkin pie that might hit the menu sometime in “true fall” according to Davis’s Instagram.

Many who’ve seen the clip on Instagram have speculated as to how this tiny slice of pie was made, but all the chef has confirmed is that it is “barely gelled.”

For some on social media, it was a mixed bag of enthusiasm for the gelatin pumpkin pie.


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