Alexander Skarsgård’s New Look Terrifies Me, And I Wanna Sue Him For Purposely Inflicting Trauma! Class Action Anybody?

Actor Alexander Skarsgård attempt at being humorous fell flat.  His new look is totally creepy… Think dirty uncle pedophile creepy.  I mean I can see him dressing up like a killer clown and terrorizing the kids?


This has to be some sort of a bad joke if we get to the root of things.  Fans like me are gonna want to scalp Alexander for doing that to his hair.   See what I did there?  The root of things (as in hair root), and scalp him?


In fact, he was probably inspired by his younger brother’s character Pennywise from the blockbuster movie “IT.”


Let’s take a look at Alexander’s new haircut from the side, it may look a lot better.


Nope, still looks like a creepy uncle who likes dressing up as killer clowns and abducts small children.

This isn’t the first time Alexander has experimented with his good looks.  Remember that really cheesy mustache?


Yes, that horrible mustache he wore to the Emmys.  Almost looks like a caterpillar is crawling on his upper lips.


Now that he’s experimented with the cheesy mustache, and the creepy uncle look lets hope he gets back to his Tarzan days.


Oh, wait, my bad.  This photo wasn’t from Alexander’s movie “The Legend of Tarzan.”

Here we go.  This image from that Tarzan movie.


And honestly, I’m not sure why Alexander has to ever put another shirt on, like ever.

Alexander Skarsgård, who has decided to shave a significant portion of his head is determined to unnerve fans.  Why? Well, Hollywood says it’s for his upcoming role in a Wall Street drama The Hummingbird Project.

But we think it’s more out of guilt for being way too beautiful.   The gorgeous actor probably is ashamed that his gene pool is so fantastic he needed to make himself uglier.

No seriously, he did it out of spite. Spite at you. Spite at the universe for making him beautiful. Spite at his thick head of hair, which did not deserve this one bit.

And, by the way, I’m not the only one ‘upset’ at this latest reincarnation of a hot piece-of-manhood into a mere mortal average Joe’s creepy uncle.

Some liars actually said they liked the new look.

We believe this comment was because Sam Reed thinks she now has a chance with a less attractive Alexander Skarsgård.  No luck sister, we have dibs on him first.   Just waiting for his hair to grow back out.



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