Kellogg’s Corn Pops Recently Got Called Out For Being Racially Insensitive. They’re Going To Make Changes

Kellogg’s has confirmed that it will be replacing key art on boxes of Corn Pops cereal following complaints of racial insensitivity from the writer of one of Marvel Entertainment’s most critically acclaimed current comic books.

Corn Pops cereal boxes are getting a quick makeover after a customer noticed that the current packaging makes incredibly racist assumptions about the occupations of darker-skinned people.


Right now, the back panel of Kellogg’s beloved puffy cereal has a scene depicting some kind of mall theme.  Nearly all of them qualify as some sort of public menace, either because they’re snorkeling in the water fountain, playing hockey (with a fellow corn pop as the puck!), stilt-walking on spoons, or preparing to drop large objects on passersby below.

Saladin Ahmed, the writer of Marvel’s Black Bolt as well as the novel Throne of the Crescent Moon, tweeted at the cereal giant Tuesday to ask about the “Pop Shoppe” box artwork.

“Why is literally the only brown corn pop on the whole cereal box the janitor? This is teaching kids racism.” Tweeted Ahmed

Within hours, Kellogg’s responded, tweeting, “Kellogg is committed to diversity & inclusion. We did not intend to offend — we apologize. The artwork is updated & will be in stores soon.”

Kellogg released a statement about the incident afterward.

“Kellogg Company has respect for all people, and our commitment to diversity and inclusion has long been a top priority,” the company later said in a statement. “We take feedback very seriously, and it was never our intention to offend anyone. We apologize sincerely. The package artwork has been updated and will begin to appear on store shelves soon as it flows through distribution.”

Ahmed stayed relatively cool throughout the dialogue.  His final tweet summed up his experience.


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