Endearing Video: Desperately Swimming 4-Miles Offshore, The Iguana Reached Out For Help From This Kayaker

A kayaker filmed a now-viral video where he encountered a stranded iguana he found swimming four miles off the Florida Keys.

“It was pretty crazy seeing this guy so far out,” Steve said in a caption alongside the YouTube clip.

He tells the iguana “hop on if you can,” and the iguana tries to clamber on board.

The animal manages to get onto the boat, and the man says: “that’s some rough business, what are you doing?”


“It was pretty cool to see it trust me enough to swim toward the kayak and hop on and cruise along in the open water,” he added.

His disbelief at stumbling across the animal – clearly a strong swimmer – is evident in the video, which has been watched by more than 1,000,000 people.


“I have seen plenty swimming around the islands, but never one that far out. Most likely it got caught in one of the swift outgoing tides and got pushed out to sea.”

The reptile keeps sitting, and the man asks: “Or do you want a breather and just keep swimming to Cuba?”

The video then shows the iguana perched on top of a cooler preparing for the trip back to Florida.  The man and the iguana set back for land.


“Get seatbelted in cos we’re gonna go flying. Don’t panic and jump off, I’ll leave you,” the keen angler says on camera.


The iguana jumped off the boat once it approached the land. “Nice meeting you. Rest out for a while and be safe,” he said as he waved to the animal.





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