Billionaire Buying $10M In Adds To Impeach President Trump

California billionaire, Tom Steyer, has announced that he will dump at least $10 million into a national television advertising campaign calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

The slightly over minute-long video lays out what Steyer believes are the reasons for impeachment.

Steyer argues Trump should be ousted from office because he has edged the country toward nuclear war, obstructed justice at the FBI and threatened to shut down news organizations he does not like. He urges viewers to call their members of Congress and tell them to bring articles of impeachment.

The 60-year-old criticised the US Congress and the Trump administration for “doing nothing” about a president who he claims is “mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons.”

The ads point to a new website — — which features an open letter.

In the letter, Steyer hits Trump for ending protections for undocumented immigrants brought into the United States as children, for “actively sabotaging” Obamacare, and for “repealing clean air protections and unleashing polluters.”

“He has threatened to reduce aid for millions of American citizens in Puerto Rico who are struggling to survive without drinkable water or electricity — a move that would be a total dereliction of his duty. And every day, Americans are left bracing for a Twitter screed that could set off a nuclear war. These actions represent systemic attacks on our nation’s future,” Steyer writes.

Steyer is openly thinking about a run in California’s primary against Feinstein next year.  The billionaire has also considered running for California governor in 2018 or president in 2020.

So whether or not Steyer is successful at getting the POTUS impeached, the $10 million in adds are still a great way to get his name out as a potential presidential candidate in 2020.




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