Hilarious Drama between YouTube Star and “IT” Movie Cast Members

Are you ready for some fun drama to help distract you from the daily happenings around the world?  James Charles is known for his mastery of makeup on YouTube.  If you are 29 or under, you’ve likely heard of him.

James recently got a modeling contract with CoverGirl and has about 1.8 million followers on YouTube.

James has his own opinions about things, and he’s not afraid to be controversial at times.


And that giving of opinions is what has gotten him a lot of attention of social media.

It all started a few weeks back when James ‘used’ his phone while watching the movie “IT” in theatres.  He tweeted he thought the movie was “awful.”

“OK five minutes in and IT is already awful stay tuned for updates.” in one tweet. In another tweet “this movie is so predictable I’ve been texting @beechloren02 what I think is gonna happen next & I’ve been right every single time so far”

James then started being attacked on Twitter for sharing his thoughts on the movie.

Some on social media immediately questioned the use of a phone while watching the movie.

But the drama continued to escalate when one of the film’s actor pointed out the phone in the theatre rule.

Then James tried to kiss up to Finn with this tweet.

The use of “dragged” likely means ‘called-out’ or ’embarrassed and put in their place.’

James actually tried to backtrack on his awful statement and did a 180 with a compliment.

He was apparently under a lot of pressure to the point he recorded this ridiculous apology in the back of an Uber car.

But the Twitter drama about using the phone in a movie theatre had its own life to the point that James had to address it by telling people to “shut up.”

So now as things calmed down James decides to reignite the issue by putting up a makeup tutorial on how to do the clown’s signature look from “IT.”  Like that wasn’t gonna stir the pot again.

The YouTube video has gotten more than 1.8 million views so far; perfect timing for Holloween.

A day after James’ video was uploaded, actor Wyatt Oleff — who plays Stanley in the movie — seemed to subtweet the YouTuber.

No response from James, he was letting things slide until another social media personality added his two cents into Wyatt’s comments.

LOL.  Shane really gave it to James with that one.  But then James wasn’t just gonna sit by while he was being embarrassed.

Then Wyatt tried to calm things down a bit.

But James wasn’t about to let it go challenging Wyatt’s real intentions.

Then after Wyatt was called out, he turned around and tried to apologize.

And the actor sent out a message to his followers to put away their torches and pitchforks.

Then James tried to thank Wyatt in a very gay way.  The actor was caught off guard and confused.

James being the eternal comedian as he is decided to explain himself in an IT-themed response.

Well, that’s when another ‘IT’ actor got involved tweeting he was over the whole conversation.

That’s all the drama for now, but we’re hoping it continues because it’s a lot of fun and a nice distraction.



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