This Parody Of The Kardashians’ 10-Year Anniversary Cover Is Getting Some Librarians A Lot Of Needed Attention

The Kardashians are literally everywhere, on fashion show runways, cosmetic counters, primetime TV, and magazine covers. Their fanbase watches the show hoping to get a piece of their exciting lifestyle.

Bonnie Mager, the library’s digital and communications manager, told BuzzFeed News that “she and her colleagues came up with the idea to spoof the Kardashians’ 10-year cover of The Hollywood Reporter during a weekly brainstorm about how to showcase the library.”

The August cover of The Hollywood Reporter showed the Kardashians and Jenners in neutral outfits posing against a grey backdrop.

The group of librarians is from Invercargill, New Zealand, who became a bit famous over the weekend after posing the Kardashian like setting.

“We picked that photo to spoof because it’s iconic and also we thought how funny would that look with ordinary people in it,” Mager said.

The team decided to sexualize the men more for bigger laughs.

“We decided the boys needed to be in the most sexualised positions, for both humour and to show how silly it would be to pose males like that,” Mager said. “The girls just went with who had the most accurate clothing to match those people.”

And the portrait has since gone viral on social media.





Mager said that “she and her colleagues had thought the photo had viral potential but had no idea that it would receive such a huge response… We create so much original content that we love, and we can never predict which will go viral and which won’t…”

“The reactions have been so positive,” she added. “People love the humour of it.” 

The librarian’s photo session was an “impromptu” event joked the participants.



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