The Internet’s Shoe Color Debate. Reminds You Of the Dress Color Debate?

Just like that now famous dress color debate that enthralled the internet before.


But this time it’s the color of this shoe.

Another Twitter user thinks the shoe is actually pink and white and just looks teal and grey in the viral photo because of the lighting and the camera’s flash.

People shared their opinions on the color topic.

Apparently there’s a simple explanation for these different viewpoints on the shoe color.  A Neuroscience explains this principle.

“The sky is blue, but everything you see under a blue sky isn’t blue. This is because your visual system is pretty darn good at figuring out what part of the light that you’re seeing is caused by the light source, and what part is caused by the surfaces themselves. We only really care about the surfaces – this is the part of the light that tells us about objects. The color of the light itself is usually pretty meaningless.” -Bevil Conway, associate professor of neuroscience at Wellesley College


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