Dog With Tumor Gets A Second Chance On Life

His former owner dropped Clyde off at the County Animal Shelter and County Animal Hospital in Mason, Ohio, telling them to euthanize the young dog.  But the shelter’s staff decided to save the dog by removing the 6-lb tumor instead.

Doctors think the 1-year-old dog has had the tumor growing for at least six months, or half of his life reports WLWT5 News.

Clyde was taken to an animal hospital on Tuesday to have the growth removed.  He’s currently resting and recuperating.


“He’s only a year … way too young for a death sentence,” Shari Wyenandt, of HART Animal Rescue, told WLWT5. “I mean he was in pain, dragging [the tumor]. It was already rupturing from being drug on the ground.”

Wyenandt said she couldn’t understand how the previous owner could leave a dog in that bad of shape and wanting it euthanized.  She’s glad Clyde will get a new owner and a loving family to look after him.


“The next step that we have for him is getting a biopsy done. Basically, the biopsy will tell us a little bit better about the mass, what we’re dealing with,” Dr. Fidan Kaptan, Clyde’s vet, said. Depending on whether or not the tumor is cancerous, the dog’s road to recovery may be long and might include chemotherapy.

The vet said he stands a chance of live a good life and with his “sweet disposition,” the staff thinks he won’t have any problems finding a home.

In the meantime, the shelter is taking donations to help with Clyde’s medical costs.



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