A Mother And Son Survive 10-days Lost In A National Park Thanks To Bear Gyles

Michelle Pittman, 40, and her 9-year-old son Dylan survived being lost in a dense national forest by using skills inspired by television survival expert Bear Grylls.

The duo went missing October 2 when they decided to go for a walk in the Mount Royal National Park in New South Whales at lunchtime.

They were eventually found stumbling along the Mount Royal Road.


Rob Post, Hunter Valley LAC Acting Superintendent told Nine.com.au police had been tracking the two in the hours before their rescue.


“We had located their tracks on a creek bed and we were tracking them,” Acting Supt Post said.

“Just prior to us find them they did crawl out onto the road and were picked up by a passing police unit.

“Mum was rather worn-out and exhausted and the young fellow was surprisingly good.”

The two were taken to a local hospital for dehydration and insect bites but nothing serious.

Post said he visited the two in the hospital.

“Young Dylan was in good shape,” he said. “He has lots of insect bites that are annoying him and he was quite hungry.

“Mum was quite weak and I imagine she’ll take more time to recover.”

Ms. Pittman told Post that she was aware of her condition throughout the ordeal, and made reference to Bear Grylls’ survival skills.


“They managed to get hold of water by licking water off plants and digging water from holes and using leaves to collect it,” Acting Supt Post said.

“They didn’t eat anything the whole time.”

They didn’t tell anyone they were heading to the Mount Royal National Park.

It is believed the two went for a short walk before getting lost.

“It is unbelievable how thick the rain forest area is, if you move away from the main walking tracks it’d be very easy to get lost,” Post said, explaining Ms Pittman and her son simply got “disorientated”.

According to Acting Supt Post, the two didn’t tell anyone where they were going but they had a note of places they wanted to visit during the school holidays.

Post said Dylan was the “real hero”.

“I’m sure they helped each other. As she got weaker, he helped maintain her focus,” Acting Supt Post said.


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