A 3-year-old Gets Lost In A Corn Maze And Parents Had No Idea He Was Gone Until The Next Morning.

A Utah couple left behind their child in the Crazy Corn Maze and didn’t realize he was gone until the next morning.

A woman discovered the lost boy near the entrance and called the police, who then took the boy to the corn maze staff.


When the maze closed, the boy was taken to the Department of Child and Family Services.

Police say it wasn’t until the next morning before they got a call from the family about a missing child.

“Sounds like this is a dwelling with multiple families and a lot of children living in the same home,” said Sgt. Joe Monson with the West Jordan Police Department.

The police continue to investigate the situation because things still don’t add up.

“The fact that it took so long for them to realize the child was missing — was it purely an accident? What where the circumstances? These are all questions [investigators] want to ask.”


According to the Crazy Corn Maze staff, the boy was emotional as the parents were searched for.

“They got him to say his brothers name and that was about it,” said Josy Schmidt, part owner of the maze along with her husband.

“What’s odd to me is they didn’t notice when they got home, or noticed by bedtime, or noticed in the night,”…

DCFS is not saying if it still has the child or has returned him to his family.


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