CBS Misreporting On Colin Kaepernick ‘National Anthem’ Protest: Hear The Former NFL Player’s Response

So the latest rumors about Colin Kaepernick is that if given a chance to play in the NFL again he would stand during the National Anthem.  This most recent report came from CBS NFL reporter Jason La Canfora.

La Canfora hung out with Kaepernick a few hours Saturday evening and reported on air Sunday that the ex-NFL player explicitly said he would be standing.

“…saying quarterback Colin Kaepernick told him he would stand during the national anthem if he played in the NFL again…” La Canfora

The CBS reporter commented on how great a shape Kaepernick kept himself in.

And he went on to stress how important it was for the NFL player to get back into the game.

The news castor went on to describe how calm and serene Kaepernick seemed.

And that the former football quarterback would be willing to work out any issues keeping him from his dream.

The problem was that La Canfora never actually asked Kaepernick whether he would stand for the National Anthem if he played professional football again.

The misinformation on the broadcast came when anchor James Brown asked La Canfora on The NFL Today show about the kneeling.

La Canfora responded: “He’s not planning on kneeling. He’s going to donate all his jersey sales and he’s planning on standing for the anthem if given the opportunity, J.B.”

Later the NFL reporter had to do a 180 on his on-air antics.

Canfora says he was reporting based on previous ‘rumors’ that Kaepernick would stand during future NFL National Anthems.

And how did Kaepernick respond to this issue?   He flat out said the report was a lie.

Kaepernick began his kneeling protest during the National Anthem in the 2016 preseason for the San Francisco 49ers. He said it was against the treatment of blacks in the United States.





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