More Oral Sex Simulation By A Second Newlywed Couple… Outdoing The First

This time the groom has not only his pants around his ankles but also his underwear is down where he’s mooning everyone.   Yep, his white butt cheeks were out in all its glory in the wedding photo.

Well, at least it wasn’t really hairy.

Matthew and Carly Lunn wanted to take the unique and memorable oral copulation simulation picture to the next level. And they did just that.

Bride Carly looks as if she’s moving her head towards Matthew’s exposed crotch. His pants were down to his ankles, and his underwear was below his knees in the image.

The image was shot at a harbor in Greece.

Here’s another angle of the two frisky newlyweds.  This time with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.



The groom certainly looks like he could conquer the world with his right arm extended and fist in the air.

No actual sex was performed says 34-year-old Carly from Birmingham, England.  It was just a way the couple could share with everyone their sense of humor.

 “It was something we said we’d do for a joke, we agreed to do it before we got married and followed through with it.” Carly tells Mirror Online

As soon as Carly posted it on her Facebook page, she was inundated with positive comments.

“Everyone’s loved it, it was a brilliant wedding photo.”

Another couple in the Netherlands did a similar configuration in their wedding photos that went viral a few days prior.


The groom in that photo was at least in a blue suit and kept his underwear on.   And at least he was looking down at his bride.




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