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Made Healthier: Deep Delishes Fried Chicken and Golden French Fries

There’s nothing I enjoy more than deep golden fried goodies.  Biting into a perfect piece of crunchy savory fried chicken, or munching down on extremely crispy french fries.

Then there are all those creative creations I have yet to try, like the fried Twinkie.


Or the deep-fried Snickers bar.


Oh and let’s not forget one of my favorites the onion ring.


For some reason now I’m incredibly hungry!

Oh, if this new oilseed makes deep-fried foods less harmful to the heart and body I will be one happy camper. Bayer researchers are developing oilseed rape varieties whose oil is excellent to use at high temperatures and don’t contain trans-fatty acids.  Nutritionists are always warning us about those trans-fat.


The researchers say that oilseed rape has oil that optimized the fatty acid profile.  “This means it can be safely used for frying without first having to be hydrogenated.”

The benefit to the consumer is that “deep-fried food becomes healthier.”

“It also increases their smoke point so they can be used at temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius without breaking down. But the trans-fatty acids resulting from the hardening process are harmful to human health. They have a negative effect on cholesterol levels and increase the risk of arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, intestinal disorders and diabetes. This is one of the reasons that nutritional experts have long warned against the health risks of fried food.” Bayer Researcher


Bayer’s teams from their Innovation Centers in several countries are working to develop new hybrid rape varieties and working closely with food producers.

“We work closely with leading cooking oil manufacturers to breed varieties tailored to the requirements of major food producers,” explains Steven Engelen, Program Leader from Trait Research at Bayer. “Our goal is to develop rapeseed oil which can be safely used for frying without having to be hydrogenated beforehand.”

The diagram below shows how the process works in developing a healthier frying oil.





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