An Adorable Love Story. And They Met On Twitter.

What do you do when you need a date for a wedding? You send out a tweet asking if anyone wanted to go with you to a wedding of course.

That’s what Madison O’Neill did two years ago, and her now-fiance Charlie Dohrmann responded.


Charlie Dohrmann was the night in shining armor offering to escort the damsel to the wedding.


Well, it was apparently a match made in Twitterland because both their phones had precisely the remaining time before running out of juice.


And look how Madison teased Chuck by making him wait.  Oh, playing coy aren’t you a little tease?

At one point she made him wait an hour before responding.


Then Madison followed up with a nearly three-hour delay in replying.


Madison says she didn’t immediately respond because she was nervous and didn’t know if the two would get along.

The two are from Des Moines and actually went to the same high school. He was one year older.

Chuck, however, was determined to be Madison’s wedding date according to Mashable.

“I remembered her from high school and I knew she was really cute. I called in sick for work because she had already told me all the info for when the wedding was and I wasn’t about to miss it!” he told Mashable.


It’s been a long-distance romance for the two. Chuck shipped out to boot camp with the U.S. Navy two months after their first date.

Madison didn’t want a long-distance relationship with someone in the military at first, but then she changed her mind.  Lucky for Chuck since he fell in love with her and proposed marriage when she recently visited him at his base in San Diego.

Madison is now planning to move out to the coast to be with her newly minted fiance, and the Twitterverse couldn’t be happier.




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