A Five-year-old Boy Separated From His Mom At Concert During The Las Vegas Shootings Was Reunited Thanks To Social Media

Imagine the emotions you’d feel if you were separated from your child during the Las Vegas rampage. Doris Huser was separated from her son Aden when she went to the bathroom, and the showering of bullets started hailing down. She had left the boy with his aunt, but when the shooting began Aden was on his own.


The feeling when Doris couldn’t find Aden left her numb and fearful.  The mother describes the sense of ‘hopeless and helpless.’


Doris Huser (left) said she feared the worst when her son, Aden (right), was lost at the Route 91 Harvest music festival after Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd

When Stephen Paddock began his killing spree on the crowd Lindsay Rogers, 26 ran straight into a tent for cover. Paddock eventually murders 58 and injures 527.


Inside the tent was where Rogers saw Aden standing by himself.  She debated whether she should try to help the lost boy for fear his mom might be desperately searching for her son.

Rogers eventually decided to take Aden with her telling ABC News:

“I was nervous to take him because I knew that his mom would be devastated to find that her child was gone, but in the moment we thought that the best decision was to get as many people as safe as possible….The shots were so sporadic and it wasn’t stopping so we took a chance.”

Unbeknownst to Roger, Aden’s mother and aunt were outside desperately looking for the small boy.

“The whole crowd just started rushing right at me… I was screaming at the top of my lungs, but screaming did no good. It did nothing, we couldn’t find them.” Doris Huser

Roger and Aden went to a nearby hotel, and that’s where it was suggested to take the boy to the hospital so his mother could find him.

However, Doris was just feet away searching and comforting her 8-year-old daughter.

That’s when two strangers, Taylor Sutton and Chris Cunningham, began posting Aden’s image on social media in the hopes of finding his mom.

It worked.  Aden’s grandfather saw the photos and notified Doris.  The ordeal of being lost lasted two hours.  Doris and Aden reunited the next day.

Doris said: “His whole face lit up… I dropped to my knees. I don’t think we’ve ever held each other that hard and that tight. We were one for a minute and he just didn’t want to let go.”

On the way home, Aden asked his mom a question: “Next time, can we all go to the bathroom together?” he said.

“I lost it and I started crying. I said, ‘I’ll never leave you ever again. … We will all go together, no matter what, every time,'” Doris Huser told her son.



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