Do You Find Men Sexy With Or Without Beards?

What started as a way to promote beard products has spawned a Facebook group that has more than 1.3 million members. Unfortunately, the page Beard Games Matter is now a closed group.

The site is where men with facial hair post selfies and fans go wild for them.

The description on the page is “Men with beards and the beautiful ladies who love them…  Just Grow It!!”

It all started in early September when Philly-based Michael McMillan wanted to promote his beard grooming products website ‘Man Cave Essentials – Formula 27.’


Soon after the page was flooded with sexy selfies, and women started posting ads of themselves looking for bearded bachelors.

“I think my heart just [skipped] a beat,” one user wrote about a strapping gentleman’s shirtless selfie.


The page administrators had to temporarily disable new posts because it was getting so many messages at one point.

McMillan also started a dating site for men with beards and women who love men with facial hair.  That website is currently down.


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