US Rap Star Macklemore Enter Australian Same-sex Marriage Debate

American rap artist Macklemore performed his gay anthem “Same Love” at a rugby league final in Sidney on Sunday.

The sport’s officials had rejected pressure from opponents of same-sex marriage which paved the way for Macklemore to make the political statement.

Australia is currently voting to liberalize marriage laws that will include same-sex couples.

He sang his anthem in front of more than 80,000 fans of the traditionally rugged manly sport.  The National Rugby League’s bosses resisted pressure from a petition signed by more than 18,000 people wanting the performance banned.

Macklemore’s performance was mostly well received and Twitterverse came out with support for the singer.

Some NRLGF fans personally impacted by the debate were brought to tears over the performance.

Some were saying that the petition to ban the performance may have backed fired badly.

Rather than blocking the performance, protestors actually helped the gay rights song “Same Love” to reach number one on the Australian iTunes chart.

One rugby fan said the performance wasn’t controversial, as expected, it was, however, still a significant political debate in the last week.

Macklemore pledged proceeds from Australia sales of the song to help legalize same-sex marriage.

“I want to donate my portion of the proceeds from Same Love that I get off of that record here in Australia to voting YES,” Macklemore said in a Channel Nine interview posted on his twitter feed Saturday.

Two other U.S. celebrities also got into the Australian same-sex marriage debate.

Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman stated he was surprised that Australia didn’t already legalize same-sex marriage. Also, singer Meghan Trainor was forced into the debate when her image was used without her consent opposing marriage equality.

“I support marriage equality. Someone in Australia is illegally using my picture for a campaign against marriage equality. So wrong. Not okay,” Trainor tweeted.

If passed Australia would be the 25th nation to permit same-sex marriage. A non-binding poll was started last month in Australia with the mail-in results being declared Nov. 15.



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