President Donald Trump said that the mayor of Puerto Rico was being “nasty” to him.

President Donald Trump is now in a tit for tat with the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Saying at one point, the mayor was nice to him, but then the Democrats got involved, and things got nasty.

Trump then went on the attack saying Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz was an inept leader, and that she couldn’t get workers to do anything.

Earlier on Friday, Mayor Cruz made several pleas to mainland U.S. citizens that “people are dying” and was slightly critical of the president for not sending more help the U.S. territory that was hit by a hurricane.

Later on Friday, Cruz began addressing Trump directly, saying “We are not as second-class citizens, but as animals that can be disposed of.”

Trump’s public overreaction to situations critical of him is well known.  And this situation began to escalate from there with some early morning tweets.

He went as far as calling Puerto Rican workers lazy, saying they “want everything done for them.”

Then Trump began touting the first responders that were sent, and acknowledge Puerto Rico had been completely destroyed by the hurricane.

He felt mainstream media was using the situation to settle a score with him.




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