Caught On Camera: A Woman Steals Produce From A Farm Stand

A video appearing to show a woman taking tomatoes and peppers from a Central New York farm has authorities looking for her.

Dennis M. Abbott, of Abbodale Farm in the Town of Onondaga, posted the video from his Stealth Cam of a woman taking dozens of for sale items on his Facebook page.

In the video, you can see her opening a bag up dumping baskets of tomatoes.


She then gets another bag and loads it up with peppers.

Talk about a greedy thief.


She obviously knew what she was doing was wrong because you can hear her asking if somebody was coming.

The video has been viewed 48,000 times in the last day and shared thousands of times.

Abbott contacted the Onondaga County Sheriff’s office, and an investigation into the theft has been launched.

The woman in the video was accompanied by a man named Matt according to the Facebook post.  It’s a shame that you can’t trust people now in this day and age.

The Abbott family has been operating the farm for nearly 100 years.



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