The Internet Is Falling In Love ‘ICU Grandpa’

David Deutchman, known as the “ICU Grandpa” has been volunteering for many years. He holds babies from the intensive care units at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA). And that selfless act was caught on camera this week has gotten the “ICU Grandpa” a lot of recognition.

Based on a Facebook post from CHOA, Deutchman likes to visit the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) on Tuesdays and then on Thursday he goes to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Deutchman has been holding infants for the past 12 years which ended up getting him the name of “ICU Grandpa.”

On this one particular day, a mom of a premature baby, Logan, caught this photo of Deutchman and her son.  The internet loved it.

Logan has been in the PICU for six weeks, and every night, his mom leaves him to go take care of his big sister at home.  When Logan’s mom drives back every morning, she worries about how her son dealt with her absence.

She describes herself as “anxious that he’s been missing his mommy.” On this one morning, she walked into the PICU and saw David holding Logan.   Which made her feel thankful that the “ICU Grandpa” was holding her little boy.  Logan was born at just 25 weeks old.

She took a photo of the two and CHOA put it on their Facebook page.  It has since gone viral with over 40,000 shared and over 130,000 likes and reactions.


And the internet couldn’t get enough of the “ICU Grandpa.” 



One commentator was actually a parent of another baby that Deutchman cared for in the past. 


Some of Deutchman’s guy friends are clueless to what he does in the Intensive Care Units.


So he tells his friends in the simplest terms possible for them to ‘get it.’


The “ICU Grandpa” has a great outlook on the whole process of caring for babies even the puking and peeing episodes.


Deutchman says he finds it tremendously rewarding volunteering, but some of his friends still don’t get it. 



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