A New Blanket To Help You Sleep Better Is Launching Shortly

The idea behind this blanket has been used for many years now occupational therapists. These therapists have used the weighted blanket to help reduce stress and anxiety.

The scientific evidence for this is preliminary but positive, Justin Scanlan, an occupational therapist at the University of Sydney, told HuffPost. He co-authored a 2012 pilot study in which patients with mild to moderate psychiatric disturbance reported feeling less distress and anxiety after spending time in a “comfort room” with a weighted blanket.


The new weighted blanket called the ‘Gravity Blanket’ is weighted down with plastic beads in the little square pockets.  The plastic beads spread the weight evenly over the body for a better night’s sleep.

The blanket is supposed to help those with mental and non-mental conditions with sleep problems.

People without mental conditions may benefit from the blanket’s deep pressure touch, too, said Rochelle Ackerley, a physiologist at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. She co-authored a 2015 study that concluded weighted blankets may ease insomnia in some adults.

The weighted blanket is intended to work on the receptors in our skin that responds to light touch.

It’s similar to getting a hug or an arm holding you at night.


“We have specific receptors in our skin which are tuned to light touch,” Ackerley said. “Such receptors are activated during contact, like a hug. The weighted blanket is thought to provide a similar hugging/cocooning effect and provide a sense of security.”

Now there are other products on the market already with weight to it.  However, the Gravity blanket seems to already have a marketing edge over competitors.

Raising capital on Kickstarter, they were able to raise $1.6 million for their blanket.  And many have already pre-ordered.


The blankets are designed to be 10% of your overall body weight.  Gravity Blankets come in 15, 20, and 25-pounds.  The Gravity Blankets will retail at $270, but some are pre-ordering theirs and having it delivered in October for only $169.

Scanlan suggests asking your doctor if a weighted blanket might help you get a better night’s sleep.


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