The 11 Stages Of Your Work Day

First thing first, getting up!

You know that feeling when you are happy sleeping, and everything is just perfect.  Then the alarm pulls you to reality.

Your workday has just begun.  The way the baby looks over at the alarm going off is priceless.


“Oh my what’s that obnoxious beeping noise.  I hate mornings.”

Then It’s time to for that morning commute to work.  Of course, we need to have some music jamming during the drive.  This little girl just captures the dance moves correctly.

People on the internet couldn’t stop laughing



“Oh yeah, look at me jamming.  I’m gonna shake rattle and roll all the way to work today.  Out of my way.  Beep Beep.”


Then it’s time for a jolt in your morning after getting to work.  Yes, we’re talking about caffeine.


“Give me the coffee… Give me coffee… I’m shaking can’t you see?  I need my coffee.”

Then it’s time for those long and tedious meetings that seem to run for hours on end.  You know the type we’re talking about.

You just sit there looking at the clock just hoping it will end soon.


“When will this meeting end.  Oh my gosh someone help me through this.  It feels like the meeting has lasted for years and years.”


After those long meetings, it’s then lunchtime.  You got so hungry and agitated you feel like biting people’s heads off.


“I’m hungry and I want my lunch.  Give it to me now.  I can’t handle being this hungry.  You want to see screaming?  I’ll give you screaming.”

And then you make it to lunch, but somehow it never seems to be enough food.

So you look over to see if the person next to you has any more food.


“Yummy.  What out of food already?  Maybe the person next to me has something good to eat.  I wonder if I can steal it from her?”

Doesn’t seem like the most productive time is right after lunch?  Your stomach is full, and all you want to do is take a nap.

Ah, just let me rest my head down at my cubicle for a few minutes.


“I’m full and I’m sleepy.  Leave me alone.  Stop playing with my arm.  Whatever, I’m just going to doze off.”

Then once you finally come out of the trance from lunch, you realize all the work left to do.

It’s just like a wave of a to-do list that can knock you over.


“OMG, all this work I still have left to do.  How will I get it all done?  I can’t do this all by myself?  Help!  I’m drowning.  Somebody help me.”

Oh, and who doesn’t love getting to leave work early.  It’s like get out of my way I’m going through any doors available.

Maybe even use a window to exit if desperate enough.


“Oh yeah, freedom.  I’m free.  I’m free.  I can’t wait to get out of here.  Out of my way everyone.  Please let me out. “


After getting to leave work early your expecting the rest of your day to be fun.  You want to do the dance of freedom.

And at least for a while, it seems like a day at the beach, but that feeling doesn’t last for long. 


“Oh yeah, the happy dance.  Shake my bootie… shake my bootie.  Do a little dance… get down tonight.”

Then reality sets in once you get home.  Yep, you’ve got tons to do before bed, and it just wears you out thinking about it.


“How did I get myself into this?  I just need to rest for awhile.  I’m so exausted just thinking about what needs to be done.”



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