Was It Fergie’s Partying and Drug Battles That Caused The Split With Josh Duhamel?

The eight-year marriage between singer Fergie and actor Josh Duhamel is breaking down. Fans of both Fergie and Duhamel are clamoring to find out the reason for the splitsville.

Fergie came to popularity as the lead for ‘Black Eyed Peas.’  In her younger years, Fergie was known for being a huge partier and even dealt with drug problems.  And those are the issues facing their marriage and eventual split.


Fergie missed her days as a glamorous rock star, and she wanted to recapture that with her latest album ‘Double Dutches.’  This will be Fergie’s next solo album in about an 11-year hiatus.

Duhamel wasn’t thrilled with Fergie’s goal of recapturing the glory of her rock-n-roll youth according to a source.

“[Fergie] was very focused on her album and being a rock star again, and Josh felt like she was going back to her ‘old ways,’ ” sources said to the New York Post

Her ‘old ways’ meaning being a party animal and abusing drugs.  But there is no indication that Fergie has started using drugs again.  Duhamel didn’t want to break-up, but after a year of trying to keep the relationship alive and seeing a therapist, there didn’t seem to be another option.

As for Fergie, she says they still love each other, but it’s just not the same as before.

 “We’re great friends, Josh and I, there’s so much love that we have for each other,” Fergie, 42, told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, September 20. “We really like each other, we have fun with each other. We’re just not a romantic couple anymore.”

As for her rumored split with Black Eyed Peas, tell me it’s not so.  She hopes to do another album with her alums in the future.


‘Just to clarify, I never left the group, we never broke up. They’re family and there’s so much love. We support each other’s projects,’ Fergie told AAP

Fergie’s focus now is on her family, especially her 4-year-old son and getting her music career back on track.


“It’s just been all love in our family,” the Black Eyed Peas member continued. “Our families are families together and that cannot change. That is Axl’s family, the cousins, I mean, all of mine, the Duhamels and the Kempers and everybody that I’ve fallen in love with, they’re a family.”

On September 14 the Transformer actor and the Grammy winner said with all ‘love and respect’ the couple had decided to separated earlier this year.




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