‘Dad Bod’ Bulging Belly Is Trending

Here’s your chance to look like your dad.  You may ask why would anyone want to look like they have a beer belly or also known as ‘dad bod?’ Well, one guy wanted a dad bod so bad he decided to do something about it.

“I’m desperate to have dad bod but I’m also very concerned about the health risks associated with it” Inventor Albert Pukies

So Pukies did what any inventor coming up with an obstacle he creates a way to get what he wanted.


The camouflage fanny pack looks just like a hairy dad belly, and that’s exactly how the London based art director wanted it to look like.  So whether you are standing, sitting, or driving the bag makes you look just like you had a big hairy belly. As long as you cover the top part of the DadBag with your shirt or T-shirt, no one will be the wiser.


Chances are no one’s going to frisk or poke at someone’s belly which makes the DadBag ideal for smuggling in items to venues and shows that are against the rules.

Especially if you are lightly rubbing the DadBag in circles and yawning like you’ve just eaten something or maybe had a bit of a belly ache.  People may even think you have gas and will steer clear of you.


Here’s an idea.  How about smuggling in a beer to an orchestra or ballet to test our theory out.  But if you get caught drinking an ice-cold brewski don’t blame us for the idea.

And just like its cousin the fanny pack, the DadBag can store traditional items like your cell phones, or headsets for when they’re needed.


Pukies currently one-of-a-kind pouch belly has been getting a lot of attention from social media and eventually MSM he hopes to one-day mass produce.

He says he’s even received several inquiries from manufacturers.  He’s getting so much attention Pukies is thinking about starting a Kickstarter fundraiser.

Pukies hopes one day to have six different designs of the DadBag.


We say go big or go home.  If we get one, it’s going to be the hairiest one ‘The Sherman.’ Yeah, Baby (with a nod of the head)!

If you like to see more about the DadBag click here.


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