Can You Really Call Yourself An Adult Yet?

Turning 18, you may think is when you’re an adult. In legal terms being 18 does mean that you are considered an adult. You can drive and vote and for some those rights is being an adult.

However, you still have to wait a few years before you can drink alcohol. But being able to drink doesn’t make you an adult either according to a recent study.

There’s now an official list to check off that will determine if you are ‘actually’ call yourself an adult in society.  The list was created by Kinder Bueno.

Every generation brings its own list of criteria to socially (versus legally) call one’s self an adult.  In generations past being a grownup meant having a good job, getting married, and raising a family in that house with a white picket fence around it.  In fact 50 years ago a sign of being an adult was ‘not’ getting drunk.


For some, the signs of adulthood are simple enough. Things like paying your own car insurance, knowing how to cook a frozen lasagna, buying and caring for a pet yourself.  Times have certainly changed.


So what age does it take to ‘socially’ be able to label yourself as an adult?  According to the survey, there are actually two ages that battle for that title.

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