Insanity: Prince George Not Allowed to Have Best Friend

You heard correctly, Prince George will not be allowed to have best friends in school.  What’s, this insanity you say?  Everyone seems to have at least one best friend if not a handful of besties.

Best friends can make you happier than normal.  Someone to share special times and experiences with.

Having a best friend you can do things with is one of the little pleasures in life.  

You almost want to shout it out and let the world know.

Then it may drive you a little bonkers trying to figure out why a young child like Prince George won’t be allowed to have any best friends.


That’s crazy you say not letting a 4-year-old child who just started school make new close friends.   Close friendships that will last a lifetime is not the problem Prince George will have to circumvent.

Maybe it’s all the responsibilities and expectations of royalty that will keep Prince George from making besties.


Not only won’t Prince George be allowed to make best friends he’ll have a different name while in school.   His made up name will be George Cambridge with out the royal title or anything that may get him to stand out too much in school.

Following recent speculation over the young prince’s surname as he starts his education at Thomas’s Battersea, Kensington Palace has confirmed the four-year-old will be known as George Cambridge.

Things have got to be confusing for the little tater tot.  Granted it will be awhile before he figures out what best friends are but the day of reckoning is coming.

The little fella will probably grow into his rebellious teens and make several dozen best friends just to annoy everyone.  Oooh, scary to even think of that day when it comes.

It will be a downward spiral from there.  Prince George will probably take up drinking, smoking and possibly drugs just because he did not have a best friend growing up.

We don’t care that they changed your name do we, Prince George?  They’re not going to play any psychological games on us, will they?


Sure the adults are all smiles up front, but when they get you into the North Korean style work camp they call a school, their happy masks will be taken off.

Don’t go with her Prince George.  Don’t go.  It’s torment and archaic rules behind those walls.

It seems Prince George knows something is up cause he’s trying to pull away from her.


So the no besties rule are actually coming from the school board and faculty itself.  A neighbor to the school as well as having friends whose children attend the same school says that the school doesn’t want children to make a ‘single’ best friend.

We think that rule is odd, but the school is implementing the law to help other kids feel accepted.  It’s all in the name of kindness.

“There are signs everywhere saying ‘be kind’… They don’t encourage you to have best friends.”

There’s also a rule about inviting classmates to parties.

“There’s a policy that if your child is having a party — unless every child is invited — you don’t give out the invites in class,”

“I think [it] is quite a good thing as you don’t feel excluded.”

We think it’s all a little insane.


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