10 Keys To A Lasting Friendships

What are the qualities or actions required to maintain a friendship for life?  Many of us can’t say we’ve been friends with someone or let alone a group of people for over 70 years.  One group of lady friends who are now turning 85 shed some light on what it takes.

  1. Allowing everyone to have their personal opinions about religion and politics.

“We know some people have different ideas than we do as far as politics but that’s friendship though,”

2. Create important memories even small ones to share.

The group says they all share good memories of sleepovers and sports games and they cherish them all whether big or small.

3. Be sure to share in the big events too, like weddings.

After graduation, the friends were all in each others’ weddings but there was a span of about 10-15 years the friends didn’t see each other every year like today.

“The whole group got involved in life but we kept up on big events,”

4.  Finding at least one annual event such as a dinner that all will attend.

The seven friends have made a tradition of meeting annually at Terrace Falls Restaurant in Tumwater over the last 10 years.

5.  Take a big trip to celebrate the friendship’s milestones.

Their trip to Ocean Shores is the latest in a line of late-in-life excursions as a group. They first traveled to China 10 years ago to celebrate turning 75, and five years ago they took a vacation to Newport, Ore.

6. Support one another through tragedies and illnesses like cancer.

“I couldn’t have done it without her… she was like my right arm. It’s nice to have someone else there for you…”

7. Meet up once a month for dinner if you live nearby one another.

“We’re happy. We’ve gotten to pick up on what’s going on in their lives and each of them have been successful in their own ways.”

8. Continue to push and support one another in learning and doing new things.

9. Find hobbies or entertainment to share and discuss it with one another.

If they’re not going to the movies together then they’re discussing their book club selection or watching a DVD on a particular lecture series.

10. Keep laughing together.

“We laugh a lot together… when we talk on the phone we always end up laughing.”

So go out there and make some friends already.




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