Preparing For A Zombie Apocalypse – That’s An Actual Thing


They are the undead.  They die and rise from earth with a hunger that is unquenchable. Depending on which version of the zombies you are most into, they may want to eat human flesh and or human brains.

But are you prepared if a zombie apocalypse were to actually occur today?  You may be thinking that’s never going to happen so it would be silly to prepare.  Well, actually a large number of people are preparing for such an event.

Well, actually a large number of people are preparing for such an event.

One of the most successful shows on cable television right now is ‘The Walking Dead’ on AMC.

9-9-2017 6-51-42 PM

The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic horror television series whose lead character is sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes.  Grimes awakens from a coma to find that the world has overcome by zombies, also known as Walkers.

9-9-2017 6-56-54 PM

Grimes ends up being the leader of a group made up of family and other survivors. With the world full of Walkers the group finds opposing survivor groups that end up being more dangerous than the dead themselves.

9-9-2017 7-01-01 PM

And now there are groups of people preparing for a zombie apocalypse in real life expecting it to mirror the zombie series.

But what is it about zombies that have captured the imagination and fear of people?

In The Walking Dead, the Walkers limp and crawl to living humans or animals to devour their flesh.  The Walker’s decaying flesh and exposed bodily organs help with intensifying the feelings of fear.

9-9-2017 7-11-38 PM.png

The Walker’s are attracted to noise such as gunfire, or different scents like a human.   Humans who get bitten or scratched by a Walker becomes infected with a pathogen turning them slowly and painfully into the walking dead.

With so much at stake if the dead should actually rise and eat the living, some of our neighbors from across the great pond have prepared for just such an event.

The internet still seems to play a role even during a zombie apocalypse.

In a survey conducted by YouGov asking 214 Brits who already have a zombie attack plan what they would do, a clear majority said they would just hole out somewhere.

9-9-2017 7-31-36 PM

The hole up somewhere group represented 45%.  The gather and draw on supplies were 43%.  Relocating out of the city was 39%.  Getting weapons sat at 23% and meeting up with family or friends was 15%.  Killing zombies sat only at 13%.

9-9-2017 7-34-12 PM

It’s interesting to note that getting supplies, which sits at 43% meaning that 57% would not have supplies gathered for such a scary apocalypse.





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