Police Terrified Over Potential ‘It’ Like Murderous Clown

These red balloons have been showing up in a little town in Pennsylvania and police are terrified what they mean.  The red balloons are symbolic of the murdering demonic clown in Stephen King’s movie ‘It.’



The clown’s name is Pennywise and many in the small town of Lititz Pennsylvania, as well as the police, are terrified at what these red balloons tied to sewer grates means about the homicidal clown is their town.


Pennywise, the sewer-dwelling, child-eating clown in Stephen King’s horror novel “It” is striking fear on and off the silver screen.

Here Pennywise is about to grab another victim a small boy whose paper boat just sailed into the sewer.


At least for one small town, the ‘It’ movie is becoming all too real.

And other clowns are actually losing work because of Pennywise.

In the end, the police wrote a Facebook post that it was a very creative prank but were “completely terrified” and “respectfully request they do not do that again.”




Categories: Bizarre, Scary

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