Your ID Required To Get Into Hurricane Irma Shelters


As Hurricane Irma makes a dangerous shift towards Florida many are concerned with the financial damage as well as the potential loss of life.  However, not everyone has these concerns at the top of their minds as Hurricane Irma continues on her deadly path.

Four people have been confirmed dead on the island of St. Martin, Mr. Philippe, the French prime minister, said on Thursday, lowering a previous toll of eight deaths given by local rescue officials.


One person that seems to put other priorities ahead of saving the most lives is  Florida sheriff Grady Judd who promises that he will have deputies at the different shelters checking ID.

The Polk County sheriff has already made it clear that some trying to enter the hurricane shelters may not be allowed in.


Sherrif Judd sent out the tweet on Wednesday about his decision.  He went on to state that there will be alternative safe spaces for special circumstances – he’s offering jail space.

And the backlash came quickly.

Some on Twitter even labeling Sheriff Judd a ‘badass.’

Sheriff Judd says he’s targeting sex offenders but people aren’t buying his reasoning.  Many people believe that it’s to target illegal immigrants in Florida.




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