North Korea Doesn’t Have the ‘BALLS’

Have you heard that North Korea has successfully tested a Hydrogen bomb?  And recently they fired a missile over Japan too.  The North Korean leader Kim Jong Un doesn’t care much for the United States and has made no bones about threatening America.   Well, I’m tired of this little Chihuahua growling and barking at everyone just being mean because they are so small and helpless.

I for one would like to see North Korea shoot a missile at the USA.  First of all, it’s likely never going to happen.  And secondly, I don’t live on the west coast so chances are if North Korea fires a nuke at us it won’t get to me.   But I’d like to see North Korea shoot a missile at America because I’d like to stop hearing about all these threats Kim Jon Un says toward us.

I mean seriously, how could Kim Jong Un even think they could win a battle against their tyrant the USA?  North Korea has a population of just over 25 million and a GDP of $40 billion per year.  That’s monopoly money to a country like the USA.

And have you ever seen a grown adult so happy playing with a nuclear warhead?  Look how the entire team is laughing.


Why does the above picture not scare me?  Maybe it’s because I think Kim Jong Un is trying way too hard to come across as a maniac determined to destroy America.  If he was that serious wouldn’t he be the only one laughing hysterically?  His crazy sidekicks should be deathly afraid.  But I guess when you are starving a nation and giving them not much hope a nuclear apocalypse may be humorously appealing.

And we here in America are rattling things up on our side now as well.  Telling Kim Jong Un that if you keep threatening the U.S. there will be bad consequences.


Defense Secretary James Mattis warned Kim Jong Un of a “massive military response” and possibly “total annihilation” of North Korea if it threatens to attack the United States and its allies.   However, what the U.S. will likely do is place more sanctions on North Korea and not much else.  I think the best avenue is to ‘trigger’ Kim Jong Un into attacking say South Korea then the U.S. can righteously get involved.  That way our hands stay clean and we can nuke the heck of North Korea.

But seriously can you imagine if Japan or South Korea threatened China?  Would China allow it or send several warnings like the USA has to North Korea?  I seriously doubt China would take as much flak from Japan or South Korea as the United States has from North Korea.

But if North Korea attacks first, which I seriously doubt because Kim Jong Un is really not insane (much),  it’ll be ‘go big or go home.’

So, for now, we’ll keep treating Kim Jong Un like a spoiled tantrum throwing child.  Sending him to sit in the corner or maybe to bed without any dinner.


But if that child isn’t normal and continues to act up an old fashioned whooping may be in order…  unless the Kim Jong Un child has supernatural powers we have yet to know about.  And in that case, we may need additional help.


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