Finding True Love in the Digital Age

Driving a flashy sports car is not going to help as much.  Having a nice mansion or home may get you a gold digger.  Wearing expensive designer clothes and owning the best accessories may get you some attention but won’t necessarily help you find the love you are looking for.

2017-09-03_12-12-13 According to a recent study by Discover and Match Media Group of 2,000 adults who has an active online profile or who met their partner online, it’s easier to fall in love when you have a good credit score.

That is because the surveyed group of adults say that nice clothes and a fancy car isn’t a sign of success but may be just an over extended credit line.


Researchers say that’s because “credit scores don’t lie”  and can show how responsible you are, which correlates to “how much of a good companion you’ll be in life.”

“driving a nice car doesn’t say whether you are paying for it, or what you’ve been doing in it or where you’re taking people in the car,” Dr. Helen Fisher, Ph.D., chief scientific adviser at

Financial responsibility rates very high with survey respondents.  Financial responsibility rates higher than humor, attractiveness, ambition, courage, and modesty.

Respondents believe a good credit score ties to characteristics like (73 percent of respondents said) “responsible,” (40 percent said) “trustworthy”, and (38 percent said) “smart.”

“I think we’ve evolved three distinctly different brain systems for mating and reproduction. Sex drive being one, feelings of intense romantic love being the second and feelings of deep attachment being the third.

“I would guess that understanding someone’s credit score could really up your feelings of attachment because it elicits feelings of admiration and respect. And that is, by the way, the top thing that singles are looking for, somebody who respects them.”      Dr. Helen Fisher


In the digital age, Fisher believes that in the future people will be open in discussing their credit scores on dates and asking what their potential partner’s credit score is also.




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