Just Try Blocking Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

If you have tried to block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook it ain’t gonna happen, folks.  But what is the reason behind the non-blockable Zuckerberg? Is it because he is the CEO or founder of Facebook? Nope.  Is it because he owns so many shares of Facebook?  No again.  Then you may ask is it because Zuckerberg plans to run for president in 2020?  Not even close.


You know what I’m talking about, those slightly annoying little messages you see posted on your Facebook newsfeed from Zuckerberg.  Usually, it’s some moral high-ground comment but in this recent case, it’s just about him updating his profile pic and of course, he talks about DACA.


If Zuckerberg would just not always send pictures of him being perky and happy it may help him to seem to not appear as annoying.  But I guess when you are 33-years-old and you have a net worth of $70 plus billions it might make sense to smile in every picture.

Not only is it impossible to block Mark on Facebook, it is also impossible to block his wife Priscilla Chan.  That’s because both Zuckerberg and Chan have very ‘special’ Facebook profiles.


If you tried to block either of them you would get an error message asking you to try again.   You can try as you might but no amount of trying will let you block the duo.

What makes their profiles so unique or special?  It’s because enough people don’t like them and have already blocked them.    Apparently, there’s programming on Facebook that allows only so many people to block a profile and once that number has been reached, no one else can block them.  And due to their popularity, Zuckerberg and Chan have already reached the ‘blocked’ threshold.

So now and forever you will continue to see Zuckerberg’s posting on updates to Facebook, news about his personal life, or statements on current events. Those posts then are pushed onto your news feeds.





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