Sports Billionaire’s Club

Few athletes will ever make the Billionaire’s Club.  They come from different sports and right now there are just three who’ve ever reached this elite group.  Most will earn money from their respective sports field but, the bulk of the money seems to come from endorsements or setting up special events.

One of the three-star athletes is basketball star Michael Jordan.


Michael Jordon made a little over $90 million during his professional basketball career, per salary tracker Spotrac.  However, through lucrative endorsement deals, Jordon joins the billionaire’s sports club.  Endorsements that included a lifetime deal with Nike. Being a primary owner of the Charlotte Hornets also adds to Jordan’s bank account.


The 54-year-old athlete is estimated to be worth $1.31 Billion.

The next athlete to make the billionaire’s club is golfing star Tiger Woods.  Tiger made the exclusive list back in 2009 but hasn’t won a major tournament since 2008.


With not winning a major tournament for nearly 10-years and the recent sex scandal Tiger’s net worth (Forbes)  is now estimated at $740 million.

And the third athlete to make the billionaire’s club is Floyd Mayweather following the recent Conor McGregor match that has been labeled as “the money fight.”


Mayweather cannot only boast about a 50-0 boxing record, but he can also claim to be a member of the billionaire’s sports club.   Mayweather is expected to earn $300 million from the fight and adding that to his previous earnings of $700 million he reaches the elite threshold.  Mayweather’s earnings come from fight purses, pay-per-view sales, ticket sales, and fight endorsements.

Who may become the next athlete to enter this exclusive club? Also coming from the basketball arena is non-other than LeBron James.


But according to a close friend of Lebron reaching the billionaire’s club will hinge on making great investment decisions.  Lebron has even become friends with investment genius Warren Buttet.





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