Permanent Blindness from Amazon Eclipse Sunglasses?

Amazon is in a legal battle over eclipse sunglasses that apparently did not provide enough protection causing eye damage and even permanent blindness.

According to ArsTechica, a South Carolina couple is proposing a class-action lawsuit claiming Amazon sold defective solar eclipse viewing glasses.  Corey Payne and fiancee Kayla Harris claim they bought a pair of those glasses from Amazon which due to the low quality subsequently caused partial blindness while viewing the August 21 eclipse.

The couple now says they suffer from “blurriness, a central blind spot, increased sensitivity, changes in perception of color, and distorted vision.” Amazon for their part took all eclipse sunglasses off the market until it was proven that the vendor had the proper certification.  They even recalled some eclipse sunglasses just before the solar eclipse.

The lawsuit claims: “Amazon’s August 19, 2017 e-mail ‘recall’ was tragically too little, too late. Its e-mail notification was insufficient to timely apprise customers of the defective nature of their glasses, and resulted in Plaintiffs and members of the proposed class using defective Eclipse Glasses.”

The lawsuit is asking to fund for “medical monitoring” for  “Plaintiffs and members of the proposed class have or will experience varying degrees of eye injury ranging from temporary discomfort to permanent blindness.”  The suit is also asking for monetary damages, punitive damages, and legal fees and cost.  Amazon had yet to respond.




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