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Nurse Screams “Help Me” While being Arrested

University Hospital nurse Alex Wubbles was just doing her job when officers dramatically arrested her.  In the video, you could hear Alex sobbing “I’m just trying to do what I’m supposed to do.”

The Salt Lake City, Utah, nurse was just following hospital about drawing blood from an accident victim who was a severely injured patient in their care.  The arrest has been described as overly aggressive.


As head of the University of Utah Hospital’s burn unit, Alex Wubbels tried to remain cool while discussing the blood draw policy with Detective Jeff Paynes who insisted he is given permission to collect the blood sample even without a warrant.

The footage was captured on Officer Payne’s body camera where Wubbels explains the agreed upon process (with the police department)

“three things that allow us to [give blood samples] are if you have an electronic warrant, patient consent or patient under arrest, and neither of those things… the patient can’t consent. He told me repeatedly that he doesn’t have a warrant and the patient is not under arrest.”

Wubbel staying calm during the exchange can be heard talking to her supervisor on the phone and him saying Paynes is making a “huge mistake.”  Right then Paynes begin the arresting procedure of nurse Wubbels.  You could hear the nurse saying “help me” and “you’re assaulting me” while being pushed to the police car.


As The Washington Post noted in its report Friday, the U.S. Supreme Court “has explicitly ruled that blood can only be drawn from drivers for probable cause, with a warrant.”

During a news conference, Wubbel announced she has not been criminally charged and she’s not ruling out possible legal actions.

“I just feel betrayed, I feel angry, I feel a lot of things,” Wubbels said during the conference. “And I’m still confused.”

Watch the entire video here:





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