Ohio Father Gives Parenting Advice and the Video Goes Viral

The Mansfield Ohio native was inspired to make his video when his 3-year-old daughter began throwing a tantrum inside a Wal-mart.  The video was posted onto Facebook and YouTube and has since garnered over 300,000 shares and more than 21 million views.

The six-minute video took place mostly in the Wal-mart parking lot where Terrel Rico Relz-Crawford placed his daughter on the hood of their car.


Crawford wasn’t playing no games with his daughter.  He just sat there patiently while the little girl screamed on and on.  The video started with the little girl crying and Crawford trying to have a calm parent-child discussion.

A few times Crawford even asked if the little girl was done crying.

“Are you going to listen?,” he asks her. “Cause everybody see you acting a fool,” he said.


Crawford told his daughter he didn’t think she was done crying yet.  He tells her that walking inside Wal-mart with her mom was a privilege and that they would not go back in until she settled down.

“I’m not taking you back into Walmart until you stop with your mess,” he said to his daughter. “We don’t have to walk around Walmart with your mother, that’s a privilege.”

The whole time Crawford was calm and cool as the little girl continued to cry.


He said parents don’t know when or how to tell their children ‘no,’ especially if when growing up they themselves have never had anything.

“I don’t care if you were raised with a silver spoon in your mouth, don’t put one in your child’s mouth because this is what happens,” Crawford said.

Crawford’s main message in the video was to teach parents how to be patient when dealing with small children.


“Being an African-American father, in general in the world, you don’t get that much credit. Being a father in the world in general, we don’t get as much credit,” Crawford said. “But I’ve always worked against that. It never mattered what I went through personally, I always wanted to be a great father to my children.”

Eventually, the little girl calmed down and father and daughter head back into Wal-mart to find mom.

Due to all the positive response, the Ohio father of four plans on holding Q&A monthly sessions online.

Watch the entire hilarious video here:

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