Making Threats Towards a Mosquito can get You Kicked-Off Twitter

There are a few ways to be banned from Twitter, but the reason for one man’s twitter account being banned is causing ridicule towards the giant social platform.

It started on August 20, when the Japanese man was trying to watch television.  A mosquito kept biting the man over and over again until the man became enraged.  The man tweeted his contempt for the mosquito and plans to do it harm.  That’s when Twitter turned off the @nemuismywife account.

he tweeted: “Where do you get off biting me all over while I’m just trying to relax and watch TV? Die! (Actually you’re already dead).”

He actually already killed the biting insect and even posted an image of the dead carcass on Twitter.


The man’s post got tens of thousands of retweet and well over 20 thousand likes on Twitter.  But a short time later he got a notice from Twitter saying his account had been frozen and he could not reactivate it.

The man opened another twitter account to question the injustice of Twitter’s ban.

He tweeted: “My previous account was permanently frozen after I said I killed a mosquito. Is this a violation?”

So the question is did someone review the text or if it was some sort of algorithm implemented by Twitter to search for keywords?   There hasn’t been a response from Twitter so no one can be for sure.


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