Fishing Inside A Livingroom

Seems impossible but not for one man and his family living in Houston.  The funny video was uploaded to YouTube and has had nearly 10 million views within 24 hours.

Flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas was the culprit to this extraordinary event.

The man in the picture is Saul Saldana and his determination helped him catch a rather large fish.   Chasing the fish around his living room with family members cheering and helping Mr. Saldana to capture the fish.

Mr. Saldana is seen diving into the knee-high water in order to try to capture the large slippery fish.

The videographer cheerleader for the video is his daughter Viviana, who posted it on Twitter and Facebook this past Sunday.   You can hear Viviana laughing in the background throughout the video.

Mr. Saldana can be seen going around the entire living room trying to capture the fish with his bare hands.

Mr. Saldana’s wife was thinking about dinner the whole time.

“Why go out looking for food when the food is coming to our living room?” Ms Saldana writes on Facebook.

 Watch the entire video here:

How to use ‘money’ to buy happiness.



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